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Julie Mehretu

Boy plus Kite Reader Find

By Boy plus Kite in New Art on Wednesday 5 October 2011

Julie Mehretu’s work is mind-blowing on so many levels, but to really experience her art, you must see it in person. I was lucky enough to see one of her exhibits at the Guggenheim titled Grey Area. The exhibit is about decay and erasure, while the central theme is ‘the modern ruin’.

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Deciphering Static: the new single from Boy + Kite

Boy plus Kite Reader Find

By Boy plus Kite in New Music on Thursday 29 September 2011

Deciphering Static is a song that lyrically found its way through one session of writing. It’s about one’s persistence, moving forward and being set back, remaining focused on goals despite obstacles and the disillusions in life vs. the reality of how things really are. Example: ‘Well undivided the concrete and your shoes, so let it go watch it fall apart, be amused’.

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