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Mathematical visual music project by Franz Rosati

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By Bernardo Vercelli in New Art on Saturday 24 March 2012

Franz Rosati is a sound and media artist, focusing his research on real-time A/V, Visual Music projects and installations following an aesthetic idea based on discontinuity of aural and visual patterns. He uses his own custom made software for real-time micro-montage and sound elaboration in microscopic time scales to realize compositions. Over the years, Rosati has played in a large number of electro-acoustic projects, such as Franco Ferguson improvisors collective, Meccanica Ferma, Solderwire, and GRIDSHAPE, developing his own approach to improvisation.

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Amazing set designs by Luca Ruzza

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By Bernardo Vercelli in Architecture on Wednesday 14 March 2012

Italian-based Luca Ruzza is an architect and set designer. He has been collaborating with national and international theatre and festivals on multi-media projects examining the relationship between images and space. He lives in the Atelier House, designed by himself and built close to Rome, where he prepares the drawings and the simulation for his projects with 3D models.

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Plaster: a dark electronic music project out of Rome

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By Bernardo Vercelli in New Music on Tuesday 13 March 2012

Plaster is an electronic music project that was born in Rome in 2008 by Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini. Their music is characterized by a dark attitude, which mixes ambient music, deep beats and sharp noises. There have been various collaborations, mostly with video makers such as Lasal, David Terranova and Emanuele [Tzpx] Foti, […]

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