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Girls: a new HBO comedy starring Lena Dunham

Ashley Conchieri Reader Find

By Ashley Conchieri in Video on Thursday 24 May 2012

If you have not had to chance to see this hilarious new show, Girls, on HBO, you can watch the trailer above. Lena Dunham stars, writes, and directs this Brooklyn based show about the latest generations struggle with becoming an adult. Finally a show where the girls don’t look like they just stepped out of […]

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Little Things To Sew: illustrated kid’s book by Oliver+S

Ashley Conchieri Reader Find

By Ashley Conchieri in New Trends on Friday 18 May 2012

There are too many little kids that have better gadgets than most 20 somethings. It is time for them to take a break from those and pick up this book from Oliver + S: Little Things To Sew. It features adorable paper doll illustrations by Dan Andreasen, with two full size pattern sheets and two card stock paper dolls to dress. Kids love learning how things are made, especially their own clothes.

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New illustrations by Pat Perry

Ashley Conchieri Reader Find

By Ashley Conchieri in New Illustration on Friday 18 May 2012

Pat Perry’s illustrations turn me into a mouth-breather because they are so jaw dropping good. He does work for some pretty big clients, like Reef, Urban Outfitters, and Bonnaroo. But it is his personal work that I think is the most interesting.

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Wearable jewelry sculptures designed by Lauren Passenti

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By Ashley Conchieri in New Design on Wednesday 16 May 2012

Boston-based metalsmith and jewelry designer, Lauren Passenti, combines unexpected materials to create pieces of wearable sculpture. Her jewelry is inspired by industrial decay and her forms challenge elegance when set against rough textures.

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Sustainable artisan craft shoes made near Guatemala City

Ashley Conchieri Reader Find

By Ashley Conchieri in New Eco on Wednesday 16 May 2012

Co-founder Aaron Osborn manufactures Osborn’s artisan craft shoes in the volcanic mountains outside of Guatemala City. All the materials for each shoe are individually hand-cut and each shoe is assembled by hand. I want to own all of these beautiful shoes. They are colorful, full of life and pattern. And you feel good buying them because you are supporting a sustainable business that helps maintain artisan integrity.

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