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The Gorrilapod

The Gorilla Pod is a nifty invention, totally useful and practical at the same time. It comes from a innovative production group called Joby, based out of San Francisco, California, … Read more

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Dusk and Blackdown: Margins Music

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this, but it’s fantastic! Totally London and totally futuristic grime, dub step energy. It’s the debut visual feature from director Jonathan Howells and … Read more

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Berlin street art

The street art in Berlin, where I’m living, is just amazing, as these photos suggest.

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Lone’s Emurian

‘This is daydream music, you can’t listen to it without going off somewhere’, are the direct words from electronic wizard, Bibio. This beautiful and gentle record comes from Matt Cutler, … Read more

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In turbulent times like these, it’s so refreshing to witness a movie that puts a lot of it into perspective. I saw Taken last night, and my legs are still … Read more

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Marika Papagika

Occasionally you hear something that puts everything musically into perspective. This time it’s come to me via an unknown, obscure Greek recording artist who lived between 1890 to 1943. Marika … Read more

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Andreas Gursky’s new book: Architecture

German-born Andreas Gursky is a giant in the photography world. His masterpieces have consistently dazzled and bewildered, focused as they are on making the incomprehensible believable. Gursky’s photos theorizes how … Read more

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