Amy Marjoram from Excerpt Magazine

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Geometric cinderblock structures by Vincent Gavinet

Vincent Ganivet binds basic cinderblocks together in incredible arcs and twists. Using straps and wedges of wood, Ganivet intervenes with their clunky geometry to make startling and imposing structures.  

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Cool Websites

Like everyone, else I took a wrong turn and ended up at and paused there to enjoy the fresh air of lo-fi.

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Excerpt Magazine (Issue 2)

Editing Excerpt Magazine Issue 2 was like taking an eccentric tour around the world. We set out to see how different people respond to the same image and an amazing … Read more

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Lee Walton: A Perfect Circle of Piles

Lee Walton looks low-key as he empties 27 cans of shaving cream into fluffy, collapsible mounds of foam around his normal looking neighborhood. The white foam seductively expands creating temporary … Read more

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