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Layer Reality App: explore the past on your smartphone

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By Alex Connell in Tech on Wednesday 5 December 2012

University of Newcastle researchers have developed an innovative app for smart phones and tablets that can transport people back to 19th Century Newcastle at the flick of a finger. The ‘Layar Reality App’ uses smart technology, enabling visitors and history buffs to roam the city streets, point their mobile device at a building or site, and be given a window into the Victorian era. 

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Dragon Baby: a short film by Patrick Boivin

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By Alex Connell in New Film on Monday 19 November 2012

Patrick Boivin is a filmmaker from Montreal specialising in stop-motion short films. He is often involved in many, if not all, facets of his productions – writing, directing, lighting, editing, animation, special effects and music. After starting out drawing comic books, Boivin ‘quickly discovered that is was faster to tell a story with a video’. […]

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Buryal: how to make your videos go viral (no, really)

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By Alex Connell in Video on Wednesday 14 November 2012

Made by the guys at John St, this video satirises how businesses, corporations and agencies get their YouTube videos to go viral. Introducing the concept of professional clicking networks, kids, the elderly, schools and unsuspecting bystanders all participate in the processes of getting videos to go ‘viraler and viraler’. Genuinely funny.

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Create music by making marks with a felt pen onto paper

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By Alex Connell in New Trends on Wednesday 14 November 2012

Drawing inspiration from traditional vinyl record players, French new media production company, Avoka, have created the Dyskograf. However, instead of using a needle and a vinyl record, the Dyskograf is an interactive sound installation that allows users to create music by making marks with a felt pen onto paper, and relies on the camera positioned above (and custom designed software) to transform the markings into audio sounds.

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