Featured Image for People think this is an ape at the beach, when it’s actually not

People think this is an ape at the beach, when it’s actually not

At first glance, this might seem like a gorilla out on a nice walk by the beach. But look closer, and you’ll realise that it’s entirely something else!

Imgur user ‘youneverknowwhatyouregoingtoget’ recently uploaded a photo that got everyone baffled. The image shows a fisherman bending down to pick up his fish. However, because of the man’s backpack, his silhouette totally looks like a primate (albeit with a strangely-coloured butt).

If you initially thought it was a gorilla, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

“I looked at it, read the title, looked at it again…still briefly thought it was a gorilla,” said user ‘ButtonsAreForPushing’.

User ‘jeffoncom2’ added: “Until I read the text, I was legitimately wondering why and how a gorilla was wearing a hat on its ass. I’m done.”

What did you see? A fisherman or Harambe wearing a hat on his butt at the beach?

Via The Sun

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