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Rapper meets his 81-year-old Words With Friends rival IRL, now they’re BFFs

Spencer, a 22-year-old rapper from Harlem in NYC, recently flew to Florida to meet up with a close friend (and adversary) of his: Roz, an 86-year-old he met through the gaming app Words With Friends.

Story goes, the two unlikely pals connected randomly through the online Scrabble-like game. They were so competitive that they kept having rematches which spanned over a year, totalling 342 games all in all.

Eventually, Spencer decided to meet Roz in person. So with the help of his pastor Amy Butler, he took a flight to Florida, to Roz’s retirement home.

Photos show the two buddies sharing an emotional hug in their first meeting.

The heartwarming friendship gave Twitter all sorts of feelings.

The official Word With Friends account couldn’t help but chime in.

One person even shared her own story of making lifelong friendships using the app.

In a follow-up tweet, Spencer did clarify that just because he and Roz are BFFs, doesn’t mean he’ll take it easy on the old lady. In the 342 matches they’ve played, he’s won 210 games to her 144 victories.

A great Words With Friends player, and an even better human being. Spencer, you da real MVP!

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