This Canadian MP recited her own anti-weed poem, and it’s the worst thing ever

Be warned, the following content is dangerously cringe-worthy.

Canada’s House of Commons is currently locked in a true clash of the intellectual titans over a proposed bill which if passed, would see marijuana become legal.

Sarnia–Lambton representative Marilyn Gladu, who you’ll be surprised to learn is a conservative, is vehemently against the bill being approved.

Of course, it’s not a shock that Gladu would take this position.

She has previously said that legalising marijuana would see kids probably “become drug mules” at their schools.

And if you were so inclined, there are many ways you can detail reasons why an idea such as the legalisation of weed shouldn’t occur.

However, few of them are worse than the method Gladu chose in Parliament recently – reading out a poem she wrote herself.


Honestly, it’s difficult to decide where to start with whatever this thing is – I mean, everyone knows you’re supposed to begin every poem with, “My name is [insert] and I’m here to say…”.

And to think this is the same country that brought the world Justin Trudeau.

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