Featured Image for KFC just gave the best reward to the man who noticed their subtle marketing stunt

KFC just gave the best reward to the man who noticed their subtle marketing stunt

It’s not every day that your tweet goes viral, and it’s certainly not every day that a global corporation like KFC rewards you for your detective skills. But for this man, both happened at once.

Twitter user @edgette22, also known as Mike Edgette, made an astute observation about KFC that quickly blew everyone’s mind. It turns out the fast food chain only follows 11 people on Twitter, six guys named ‘Herb’ and each former member of the Spice Girls, or to put that another way, 11 herbs and spices.

He made the discovery on October 19, about a month after KFC quietly followed the 11 profiles. Everyone on the internet proceeded to lose their minds, showering his tweet with over 320,000 Retweets and 715,000 Likes at the time of writing.

Rather than simply letting Mr Edgette enjoy his 15 minutes of fame, KFC pulled off one of the greatest marketing stunts of all time, sending the super sleuth a painting to commemorate his discovery. The hand-painted, framed painting depicts an enthusiastic Mr Edgette receiving a piggyback from the Colonel whilst walking through a scenic landscape.

Not a bad reward for a particularly observant tweet, and not bad publicity for such a small and subtle gesture. This is advertising at its best.

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