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Best app ever tells you if McDonald’s ice cream machine is working

Say goodbye to those disappointing days wherein you go to McDonald’s to get a McFlurry, only to find that their ice cream machine is broken.

Ice Check is a new app that tells you which McDonald’s locations actually have working ice cream machines. Using it is pretty straightforward. Simply check your location on the map and you’ll see nearby McDonald’s branches. A grey icon means the ice cream machine is busted, while a pink icon means you’ve hit the jackpot.

And if somehow, that location’s machine suddenly conks out, you can even note down that it’s under maintenance. Basically, you’re doing the lord’s work.

Soooo excited to have my app @ice.check featured on NBC6✨✨🍦

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SO easy to use but we're outchea saving lives and fulfilling dreams right ✨🍦😬

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“I came up with the idea for the app around a year ago, after a late night Oreo McFlurry craving went unfulfilled due to the ice cream machine being down,” app developer Raina McLeod told BuzzFeed.

The world is in your debt, Raina.

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