Umm, did Scarlett Moffatt just get her nips out on live TV?

We can sometimes understand celebrities getting their outfit choice a little (or a lot) wrong. But this is just too far.

Okay, celebrities are faced with paparazzi and red-carpet galas on the daily, so it’s fair that every once in a while a costume slip up might occur.

JT is a killer for being involved in wardrobe malfunctions, for instance.

Although, when you’re waltzing around in front of a camera on live TV, you would think that you would plan a modest outfit. Not Scarlett Moffatt.

No, she went right ahead and got her bosoms out on national TV. So to speak, at least.

This may be the best wardrobe malfunction of 2017. Don’t celebs have stylists for this exact reason!? Well, the poor English reality TV personality had to learn the hard way that stylists may not always have your best interests at heart.

The dress was a printed pattern of intricate, flowing chains, but from a distance it was slightly more provocative.

After the broadcast, Moffatt tweeted “Love my little boobie dress.”

O… k. If she’s happy, we’re happy!