Swimmers find it funny that a killer whale is headed straight for them

Just in case you needed another reminder that sharks aren’t the only giant, finned sea creatures with teeth.

It was a typical Saturday on Hahei Beach in New Zealand – the sun was out, the water was perfect. That was, of course, until a killer whale (orca) just came out of nowhere, catching swimmers by surprise.

Alarmingly, it seemed to aim directly for the group of people enjoying themselves in the water. While they did hightail it out of there pretty quickly, the swimmers were surprisingly amused by the situation.


The video description provided by One News reads:

“Kelly Lindsay captured the moment when friends Courtney Foster, Olvia Van Schaik, Christina Whitehead, Shaun Whitehead and Jared Bekhuis turned around and noticed Willy.”

Yep, they gave it a name!

As it turns out, the killer whale seemed more curious and playful than hungry, and the onlookers looked on in amazement as it rolled onto its back in the water.

Clearly, the group wasn’t fearful of the beast, with smiles on their faces as they scurried back to shore. They probably know a fair bit about these gentle giants of the sea, as killer whales are no strangers to these waters. Nonetheless, it’s always a treat to capture these close encounters on video.

Despite the fact that killer whales could almost certainly devour you alive if they wanted to, there are very few recorded cases of attacks and none of those have been fatal.

Lucky for the swimmers. As for the orcas, they probably still have to worry about what us stupid humans might do next.