This ‘Stranger Things’ candle holder ‘bleeds’ every time you use it

It can’t hold a candle to Millie Bobby Brown’s portrayal of Eleven, but it does literally hold a candle.

Online store Firebox is pre-selling a Stranger Things candle holder that looks like the series’ beloved character Eleven. More than just resembling her, the product does something even better: it even bleeds like her.

No need for an exhausting psychokinetic episode to make the item work. Simply melt a red candle inside the ceramic bust, and ‘blood’ will start trickling out of her nostrils.

It’s so amusing (and strange) that Millie Bobby Brown herself tweeted about it!

The ornament comes with two red candles and a handy nose picker, just in case all that wax clogs up her nostrils. It’s now available for pre-order for US$36 (AUS$46) at the Firebox website.