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A roaring crowd just banded together to return a dropped hat and it’s weirdly exhilarating

A video taken during the November 3 Houston Astros parade went viral for things that have nothing to do with baseball, or any other sport for that matter. Well, sort of.

Last week, the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in game seven of the World Series to win their first championship in history.

The team went through downtown Houston to celebrate the victory with the hundreds of thousands of cheering fans who filled the 20 block parade route.

Curiously enough, the most shared clip on social media isn’t exactly about the parade or the title itself, although we do have to say, it is a fine example of tight-knit teamwork.

Thousands of fans chanted “Let’s go Astros” from upper floors and parking structures while waving signs and banners. Amid all the celebratory euphoria, a woman’s baseball cap fell off and flew down almost seven stories, but fellow supporters somehow managed to stop it from dropping to the ground and got the hat back to her.

In poetic allegory to the road to the championship, the hat went up, and down, and then up again until it finally returned to the owner’s hands in an epic feat that prompted a spectacular roar.

The Astros’ title has become a symbol of unity and resilience to the city of Houston, which is still recovering from the devastating damage left by Hurricane Harvey. The team played their final game wearing an “H Strong” logo on their jerseys, making the victory a special milestone in the city’s history.

Devoted Astro’s fan Zannah Sykes, a 55 year old accountant who’s among the thousands of people that lost their homes in the flood, told Associated Press last week, “It’s almost as though somewhere out there the universe is saying, ‘Sorry about that,’”

“It’s a wonderful distraction from the source of pain that all of us feel,” she added with evident emotion, “It’s medicinal. It’s almost spiritual.”

Spectacularly, four fighter jets roared across the sky for the parade while orange and blue confetti rained incessantly down on the players and the thrilled crowd. Apparently, a hat being thrown around is just as entertaining.

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