Found At E Minor: This Instagram account makes impossibly tiny Turkish food

Because tiny people need to have their late-night drunk cravings fix too.

For the last couple of years, a number of hobbyists have gone viral over their miniature cooking videos. Using tiny pots, pans, and stoves, they’ve whipped up small versions of omelettes, pancakes, and macarons, among others.

But none have specifically focused on making miniature Turkish food. That is, until now.

Istanbul-based cook ‘Mini Yemek’ puts her culinary skills – and ceramic design training – to good use by creating miniatures of local dishes. These include kebabs, dumplings, and pastries. She also makes food items from other cuisines, like cakes, burgers, quesadillas, and onion rings.

“I love watching miniature cooking videos,” she said. “When I saw that nobody from my country has made such videos, I wanted to be the first to do it.”

And that she did. You can see more of the artist’s work on Instagram.