Featured Image for Gross! CCTV footage captures exact moment delivery boy spits in customer’s food

Gross! CCTV footage captures exact moment delivery boy spits in customer’s food

A food delivery guy was fired after being caught on camera doing exactly what you wouldn’t want him to do.

It’s like every hungry person’s darkest nightmare. And to think I was about to order some egg rolls before this! Nope, never again… never again.

A delivery guy from an online site in China called Meituan thought he could get away with his very personal and revolting prank, but had the misfortune of being captured by a surveillance camera.

The pesky prankster was riding an elevator on his way to delivering the order before suddenly, for reasons still unknown to humankind, he was struck by the compelling need to crouch down, untie the plastic bag, open the container and spit on the food – oh lord why, just WHY!?

He even paused to TAKE A FEW SPOONFULS before the grisly act – what kind of madman does such a thing?

Check it out below, but a warning: seeing this perfectly good meal ruined may cause serious trauma.

Footage of the extremely gross incident leaves no doubts as to the origin of the delivery boy, given he is wearing a distinctive yellow uniform with a kangaroo logo.

Meituan.com is kind of a fusion between Amazon and Groupon, offering localised services, deals and products that range from restaurants to bars, cinemas and beauty salons.

The platform connects over 240 million consumers with five million merchants and has around 35 million people using the app every day.

The site, which has been around since 2010, merged with fellow Chinese online giant Dianping in 2015 and turned into the world’s largest online and on-demand delivery platform, with 10 million daily orders and deliveries.

The company allegedly apologised to the customer, stating: “This incident reminds us that platform operators need to constantly be on guard when it comes to matters of food safety and delivery sanitation.”

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