Had a rough day? Have a video of a happy squirrel on drugs

Who said animals don’t like to take the occasional trip now and then? This hilarious Youtube video shows an adorable squirrel laying on the grass taking the mystic voyage of his life.

“Out for a walk in the park one day I noticed an unusual amount of mushrooms. I wasn’t the only one that noticed them,” states the description of this one-minute video in which a little squirrel is apparently stoned out of its mind.

The hairy critter might also be suffering a slow, painful death but we prefer not to think about that possibility.

“So the dogs and I were walking, we find this little guy in the park, and at first i thought he gotten attacked by a dog or something, he tries to stand up and he flops all over the place. And then I saw he had something in his mouth, and realized the bugger has been munching on mushrooms. I’m not sure if those are poisonous or not, but they definitely got him”

The clip, which has raked in almost 40 thousand views so far, was posted on the Youtube channel “Vet Life” administered by Teya King, who describes herself as the wife of an exotic animal veterinarian.

The poor squirrel appears to be in a whole different dimension, as if Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive were echoing inside his tiny skull while giant elfs confide in him all the secrets of the universe.

To determine how many species of mushrooms exist is quite difficult, but estimates point at around 10,000 species in North America alone, of which 20 per cent can make you sick and 1 per cent can kill you.

In the video, Mrs King says she was going to take the animal to be inspected by the vet, but no updates have been posted.

Did the squirrel find the precious golden walnut at the end of the rainbow? We will never know.