Pot Dog: Girl nabbed at airport for hiding weed in hotdog buns

Rule #1: Don’t get high on your own supply. Rule #2: Don’t try to smuggle drugs inside two pieces of bread.

There’s ketchup, mustard, cheese, and a few other simple flavours that most people like to mix and match on their hot dogs. Some prefer greens in there, too—typically celery or jalapeños, not marijuana.

Tell that to Risa Yorizane, 21, a Japanese student who got caught in China last September with just that. We’re gonna call this one a canna-wich:

She got caught bread-handed upon boarding a flight from Shanghai to Hiroshima, “the final stretch of her journey home after a vacation in Europe. However, after arriving, customs officials asked her to present her bags for inspection, and inside Yorizane’s luggage they discovered a hot dog bun. Nestled inside the bun, though, was not a wiener, but a plastic bag containing approximately 0.97 grams (0.03 ounces) of marijuana.”

Yikes. The college student flew back to her hometown Hiroshima and was “taken into custody and formally arrested by the Hiroshima Prefectural Police on September 20, with reports of the incident only recently being released. While she doesn’t deny ownership of the baked goods and contraband, she says she had no intention of smuggling the drugs into Japan, and merely forgot that she had the drugs in her luggage.”

Well, then. That’s perfectly understandable. We’ve all left a gram here and there. Personally, we prefer to stuff ours in pizza crusts. It’s an open secret in narcotic circles that pizza is the least suspicious of food items. But a hot dog? What an amateur.

Unfortunately for Miss Yorizane, unlike us, Japan’s a country that takes these things very seriously.