Here are cute photos of Highland Cattle calves to brighten up your day

Let’s face it. When you think of cows, the first things that come to mind are: dairy and – gasp – steak. However, there’s one breed of cattle that’s so charming, you’ll change the way you see these beautiful creatures.

The Highland cattle is a Scottish breed that’s known for their distinctively long wavy hair – the longest of any breed – that covers their faces and hooves.

Their coat consists of an oily outer layer – which acts as a natural raincoat – and an inner layer that covers the body with a downy undercoat. Their horns, meanwhile, serve as a shovel that helps them forage for food in the snow.

These unique features let the animals live in harsh weather conditions in the Highlands and Westerns Isles of Scotland. The features also make the calves incredibly adorable! Bored Panda recently compiled a bunch of pictures of these irresistible bovines, and they’re bound to make anyone’s day.

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