Male cleavage is back and taking the fashion industry by storm

Male cleavage is back! And it’s not a cringe-worthy as it sounds – in fact, we actually don’t mind it.

When we say “male cleavage,” we are leading you on a tad. Male cleavage is basically just the fashion trend of men wearing their button-up shirts not completely buttoned up.

We can empathise with you if this display of chest, hair and manliness isn’t for you, but we are a little flustered at the sight of male cleavage, as odd as that sounds.

Vogue’s senior fashion writer Janelle Okwodu commented on the matter saying, “I live for a shirt that doesn’t button all the way up. Chest hair is amazing, manscaping is the devil.”

Brooke Bobb, Vogue‘s fashion writer, disagrees, saying “I’m not into it. It’s too sleazeball, especially on a dude with a super hairy chest. I think two buttons is the max if it’s a hot day and their cleavage needs a little breather.”

It’s a pressing debate, so check out the below shots and make an informed decision for yourself.

And if male cleavage is your vibe, you do you #freethechest.