College kid gets invited on stage to play drums for the Foo Fighters and absolutely destroys it

Seeing your favourite band live is great enough, but being invited on stage to play with them would be a dream come true for most people.

Well, that dream did come true for one lucky college kid who ended up taking the stage with the Foo Fighters at a show at the Colonial Life Arena on Tuesday night.

During the concert, University of South Carolina student Pierce Edge, 19, held a homemade sign that simply read “Drums on Under Pressure?” and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl decided to oblige.

Grohl, who is known for being one of the nicest guys in rock, brought Edge onstage and jokingly warned him not to “shit the bed” in front of his hometown.

Edge then jumped on the kit, and after a series of impressive fills, started playing the Queen hit. In other words, the bed was not shat.

Foo Fighter’s drummer, Taylor Hawkins, happily relinquished the drums and took up vocal duties for the song which, as you can see, came out pretty well:

Jambase interviewed Edge, who explained his very specific song choice.

“I was afraid to do a Foo Fighters song with the risk of messing it up. I knew they wouldn’t let me do a hit like ‘Everlong’ or ‘Best of You’,” Edge said.

“I saw a YouTube video from a show the band performed in Italy two years ago, after the video of 1,000 drummers playing ‘Learn To Fly’ surfaced. In that video, Grohl sees one of the drummers in the audience and invites him up on stage. They played ‘Under Pressure,’ so I knew the band was willing to do that. I also chose it because Taylor takes lead vocals, so all duties on stage would be shared.”

Smart. This kid did his homework.

Grohl also had a fan come up on stage in Toronto in 2015 and play the Foo Fighters song “Big Me” so this is definitely becoming a thing.

Edge told Jambase that there were two other other fans nearby with similar signs. So was he nervous when Grohl picked him out?

“Surprisingly, the crowd of 12,000 plus in front of me didn’t really bother me any. I participated in marching band and concert band throughout middle and high school, so crowds weren’t an issue.”

Who said marching bands aren’t cool? Everyone’s got to start somewhere. And you have to admit “Pierce Edge” is a damn rock n’ roll sounding name.