Graphs have never been more fun with these creative infographics

Mona Chalabi is a woman who wears many hats. She’s best known for her journalistic endeavours at The Guardian, but one of her lesser-known hats comes in the form of an Instagram side project where she illustrates collected data.

Statistics can be hard to swallow, especially if you’re genetically predisposed to being terrible at numbers. This is why Chalabi’s feed is so interesting. She has a passion for statistics, and it’s clear that she wants to make them coherent for the average social media user.

She adds her own touch of creativity to data and manages to produce thought-provoking graphs in all areas of life, whether it be politics, fun facts, current events, social issues, or sexuality.

For instance, look at this interesting graph about dog names, made more interesting with illustrations of dog tails serving as the chart points.

Or this pie chart about when Americans tend to eat pizza pie. Yum!

It’s a fun way to get your daily insight into humanity and world issues. She never fails to impress with her new and creative approaches to conveying data.

To see more of Mona Chalabi’s infographics, head on over to her Instagram page.