Alibaba tries to sensor sex toys and the results are hilarious

In a time when porn is more accessible then ever, some topics are still considered taboo – and sex toys are one of them.

Online outlets have been a way for people to purchase sex toys without feeling ashamed, but now it seems that Chinese website Alibaba is trying to be discreet about selling the items.

The company’s regulations restrict sellers from posting sex toy ads on their website without any censorship. Luckily for the internet, this has resulted in some pretty hilarious outcomes.

These are just a few of the items available on their website and it’ll leave you wondering why they even bothered. If it’s at all possible, they potentially made these items ruder than they were without the censorship.

As you can see all they have done is place a circle with a dash through it over the parts that they have considered to be the most offensive.

Great job Alibaba. No one will ever work out what these images are supposed to look like now, you’ve saved us all from being scarred for life.

Baffling censorship policies are not unique to the Chinese e-commerce giant. Instagram, for instance, has women up in arms over the double standards placed on them. The rules state that men can bare their chest and nipples, but women must have their nipples covered. Go figure.