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The email prankster is back, and this time he’s fooled Harvey Weinstein

Email prankster ‘@SINON_REBORN’ is at it again. He’s fooled a number of White House officials and Breitbart editors before. Now, he’s targeted producer Harvey Weinstein and his former advisors, Lisa Bloom and Lanny Davis.

The prank comes just after Bloom and Davis resigned from Weinstein’s legal team on Saturday amid allegations of sexual harassment against him. The first email involved ‘@SINON_REBORN’ posing as Weinstein, talking to Bloom about “a tough few days.”

Screenshots of email convos

The second email was for Davis, who was apologetic and told fake Weinstein “how sorry I am [sic] was for your pain.”

Screenshots of email convos

In a third email to the real Weisntein, ‘@SINON_REBORN’ pretended to be Anita Dunn. The former White House communications director under President Barack Obama was said to have helped Weinstein respond to the allegations.

The prankster, however, wasn’t able to get much out of him.

Screenshots of email convos

A report from The New Yorker recently revealed Weinstein’s shady past, wherein he allegedly raped three women and sexually assaulted many others. On Sunday, he was fired from The Weinstein Company, the film studio he co-founded.

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