Mother turns fruits and vegetables into adorable animals to get her kid to eat his greens

If only my mother had done this, I may have grown up big and strong! Don’t worry ma, it’s not too late! All you need to do is check out Mindy Zald’s recipes for healthy eating.

The mother of a fussy toddler was trying to get her son to eat healthy. Of course, we know how terrible toddlers can be, so Zald’s healthy eating trick was really quite a brilliant idea.

She told Delish about how the idea came to her one morning when she was chopping up strawberries and bananas for a snack for her little man.

“It looked so boring, so I thought, if presentation matters to adults, it probably matters to kids too,” she said. “I made a banana snail for him, and when I presented it to him, he started laughing so much that I thought, okay, I’ve got to do this more often.”

Not long after the snail, Zald progressed into making dogs, giraffes, and even crabs from fruit and veggies.

“I realised it could be an educational moment, so I started making them and asking him questions like, ‘What animal do you see? What foods do you see? How many pieces are here? What sound does that animal make?'” Zald told Delish.

Zald even created an Instagram to go with her new creation. She named it: The Plated Zoo.

Zald told Delish that she loves seeing other Instagram users recreating her edible animals.

“One guy does everything with his daughter — he’s done the frog and the sheep — and he posts himself making it and her reaction to it, and that’s been amazing,” she said.

As well as inspiring her own son to eat healthy, she’s beginning to have an impact on children across the globe. All you need is some fresh produce and an imagination.

Adults can eat apples shaped like frogs, right?