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Woman hangs 2,000 used condoms in her room because she loves the smell

A Norwegian woman is collecting used rubbers and hanging them on her room. So far, she has nearly 2,000 condoms, and plans to “clear 10,000” in the future.

The woman, known as ‘Condom-Tonje’, realised she had this fetish back in 2010 when she asked her then-boyfriend if she could keep their condom because there was “something about the smell.”

Soon, she started asking her friends for their used love gloves, forcing her boyfriend to break-up with her. This didn’t deter her. Now, she has 1,921 condoms up on her bedroom walls, some of which she even paid as much as US$77 (AUS$96) to get her hands on.

At times, ‘Condom-Tonje’ even throws in an extra US$15 (AUS$18) for the donors to include their photos.

“I get more and more condoms all the time. It is the best feeling in the world. I feel so happy when I go to the mailbox,” she said. “People were sending used condoms to me. It’s like Christmas every day for me.”

She added: “One day I’m going to clear 10,000. That I look forward to.”

And what does her family think of her fetish? Her dad is surprisingly supportive. He even asks his friends to send her their used rubbers to help the cause.

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