WATCH: The chilling end of the world message broadcast on TV

An emergency alert broadcast quickly turned into something very different, as TV viewers in California were treated to a definitely not terrifying message of the coming apocalypse.

Viewers, who hopefully weren’t settling in for a repeat of The Leftovers, heard a male voice – which was probably the best bad guy voice since Tom Hardy’s Bane – inform them of the world’s soon end.


“Realise this: that in the last days extremely violent times will come,” the voice declared.

“The term means hard. Harsh. Hard to deal with. Vicious. Dangerous. Menacing.”

The stations that broadcasted the message reportedly still do not know how the incident occurred.

Some have since suggested that the bizarre words came off the back of a theory spouted by Christian numerologist David Meade.

Meade had once kindly alerted the population to his overwhelming facts regarding the end of the world, which he assured would begin on the 23rd of September, 2017.

Of course, we now know that is completely wrong. And really, we have for quite some time.

Everyone knows the world actually ended on the 14th of May, 1998 – the day the final episode of Seinfeld aired.

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