Newsreader completely botches EVERYTHING to start BBC broadcast

The world’s having a tough time of it lately, which is why it’s incredibly important that we stop and have a chuckle at this guy’s expense.

Many are keeping a watchful eye on the round-the-clock coverage from various 24-hour news channels as Hurricane Irma continues to wreak havoc. As such, these news channels are under as much pressure as ever.

And though BBC news is often regarded as a shining light in the world of news presenting, they probably could have done a… better, job here.

News reader Tom Donkin was just about to deliver a story regarding the latest information surrounding Hurricane Irma, when almost everything went wrong – before he had even uttered a word.


As the BBC news introduction transitioned into footage of the studio, Donkin could be seen looking hilariously inept, glancing around, unsure where he was supposed to be standing or which camera to look into.

A problem which was exacerbated when Donkin ran to the wrong spot off camera, and then had to trudge meekly back to where he was supposed to be.

However, like a true BBC news presenter, Donkin recovered from what was surely the most uncomfortable 16 seconds of his professional career, carrying on as if nothing had happened at all.

Ah, the English way.

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