Featured Image for These photographs are the epitome of the uncomfortable laugh

These photographs are the epitome of the uncomfortable laugh

We have just come across the queen of disconcerting and we are feeling a little weird about it.

Ambera Wellmann has compiled a collection of photographs of everyday objects that are twisted in a disturbing way. Wellmann’s photographs subvert her audience’s expectations while identifying issues of body image and sexuality.

Wellmann told Creators, “I think humour should be dark, and darkness should have humour. It is important to me that there be humour in there somewhere, because I believe in accessibility: humour is a vehicle for that. I never want to take things too seriously or definitively… Try not to do what you think the art world wants you to do, bring your world into the world of art.”


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An oldie but a goodie rephotographed – Looking forward to a project at @waapart!

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Yep, lots of bananas.

How my Uncle Ronny's eyes always looked after he smoked pot

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Wellmann says her art came from an accidental inspiration. “One day for fun, I plunked an egg into the middle of a watermelon: it conjured a kind of irrational satisfaction but contained a visual logic that I wanted to continue exploring, probably because the sensation it produced was so similar to resolving a painting. It evolved from there.”

Wellmann invites her audience to participate in her works with whatever response they like. She provides a cheeky, yet thoughtful approach to her art for all to take in.

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