Featured Image for This artist transforms regular Barbie dolls into glamorous drag queens

This artist transforms regular Barbie dolls into glamorous drag queens

Hold your horses! This artist is breaking all the Barbie boundaries, and we are absolutely loving it!

Barbie’s creator Mattel is on a mission to transform their dolls into a modern-day, diversified depiction of women. They are creating Barbies with varied skin tones, body shapes, professions and hobbies. There are still, however, groups of people within our society who are feeling under-represented in the doll department.

I suppose the only option in this case, is to go ahead and do it yourself. And that’s exactly what repaint artist Mark Jonathan did when he gave Barbie a long-overdue makeover. We are loving her new look!

Honestly, why would you want to look like a plain, boring Barbie when you can glamorise yourself like Valentina from RuPauls’ Drag Race?

We love are loving the change from heteronormative standards of beauty that Barbie, Bratz, and the likes have perpetuated for generations to a more LGBT-friendly interpretation.

My kids will definitely be getting drag queen dolls for Christmas… Can we place an order, Mark?

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