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A new conspiracy theory believes Tom Cruise wore a fake butt in a movie

Tom Cruise recently broke his ankle while doing a stunt on the set of ‘Mission Impossible 6’. Oddly though, people aren’t talking about his ankle, but rather, his butt.

The internet has a new conspiracy theory, and it speculates that Cruise used a fake butt while shooting the 2008 film ‘Valkyrie’.

Murmurs regarding Cruise’s booty started when Twitter user ‘@iluvbutts247’ posted a screenshot from the film. It shows the actor bent over, his bum looking as plump as Kim Kardashian’s. In other words, Tom Cruise was THICC AF.

🍑 Tom Cruise has a CGI butt 🍑 from gifs

The tweet got people thinking of more theories. Most thought it was a stunt butt, to protect the actor’s posterior while doing stunts. Others believed it was actually the stunt double’s butt, or it was CGI.

Fake butts are not uncommon in Hollywood. In Toby Maguire’s Spiderman, the actor could also be seen having a similar backside.

Tom Cruise has not yet responded to the conspiracy theory – and probably never will.

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