Featured Image for Whole Foods now has raw meat shaped to look like Amazon’s logo

Whole Foods now has raw meat shaped to look like Amazon’s logo

This puts a whole new meaning to the term Prime beef.

On Monday, Amazon celebrated its US$13.7 billion (AUS$17.2 billion) acquisition of Whole Foods Market by offering customers ‘farm fresh’ Amazon Echoes for sale in-store, as well as giving discounts for items like avocadoes and almond butter.

A bunch of butchers at the high-end grocery store chain also held their own (unofficial) commemoration by carving Amazon’s logo, and its Prime subscription service’s logo, out of ground beef.

So yes, the tech giant really is EVERYWHERE now, including in our raw meat.

According to Recode, one of the managers at Playa Vista Whole Foods in California thought it would be nice to stamp Amazon’s logo onto the meat. Using a paper cutout of the logo as a guide, the butchers simply hand-formed the ground beef into the company’s iconic typography and arrow.

I guess you could say this is bloody brilliant, both literally and figuratively.

Via Recode

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