Featured Image for People can’t believe how much Kit Harington looks like a young George RR Martin

People can’t believe how much Kit Harington looks like a young George RR Martin

Here’s the one Game of Thrones plot twist no one ever saw coming. Kit Harrington’s character isn’t a Snow, nor a Sand, nor even a Targaryen. He’s actually a Martin.

On Thursday, BuzzFeed’s Ryan Broderick shared a photo of Harrington and an old picture of ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ author George RR Martin. While the two have been seen together on many occasions, it’s only now that people have realised something:

The two look uncannily similar! Just look at the beard, the glasses, and even the hair! Heck, Martin might even have the same gorgeous abs underneath that shirt.

Twitter, of course, had reactions.

But while we’d all like to believe this is true, Business Insider did some research and concluded that the image is most likely fake.

“When we went looking for the original source, the ‘yearbook’ photo of Martin was nowhere to be found,” the site said, adding:

“Martin’s official website contains an autobiographical blog section, including a look back at his high school years. In two school portraits of Martin in his teen years, he’s clean-shaven and has short cropped hair.”

Incidentally, Martin also recently started posting old photos of himself from the ‘70s.

Still looking as dashing as Harrington, but probably won’t pass off as a Jon Snow doppelganger.

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