Featured Image for Mastodon made another Game of Thrones cameo, and it was pretty cool

Mastodon made another Game of Thrones cameo, and it was pretty cool

As it appears, a dragon and a bunch of giants aren’t the only ones who have joined the army of the undead. American heavy metal band Mastodon has too.

In the season seven finale of Game of Thrones, band members Brann Dailor, Bill Kelliher, and Brent Hinds made another cameo, surprising their fans everywhere. In the episode’s final scene, the three could be seen standing alongside other wights as the Night King and Viserion lay siege to The Wall.

Their cameo is more subtle than Ed Sheeran’s – but cool, literally and figuratively, nonetheless.

Mastodon cameo

It’s no secret that Mastodon and ‘GoT’ showrunner Dan Weiss have mutual admiration for each other. The latter previously invited the former to cameo as wildlings in season five. The band also made a song, titled White Walker, for 2015’s Catch the Throne: Volume II mixtape.

Mastodon cameo

Following their appearance, the group announced a new EP titled Cold Dark Place. It will feature four previously unreleased tracks, including three songs recorded back in 2014 for their album Once More ‘Round The Sun.

The EP will be out September 22, to be followed by a 10” picture disc vinyl release on October 27.

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