Featured Image for Artist captures the beauty of the cosmos through watercolours

Artist captures the beauty of the cosmos through watercolours

Joanna Jenson creates dreamlike little worlds that look somewhat like marble or the cosmic universe.

She is an illustrator and watercolor alchemist from Denmark, and her work spans across many different platforms like book covers, album covers, coffee retail, and gallery walls.

The level of detail and movement in her art brings the observers in, questioning whether or not what we are looking at is real or not.

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“What makes my illustrations unique is that I create them with marbleized watercolors which gives it a very special recognisability and surreal expression,” said Jenson. “Viewers often gravitate towards my imagery with wonder, since it has a very dreamy and detailed feel.”

She added: “I create my illustrations the wonderfully old-fashioned way – BY HAND, and then I do the finishing touches digitally.”

While Joanna is best known for her colourful, tangled spherical pieces, she also illustrates animals, portraits, botanicals, among others.

Head on over here to see more of Jenson’s work.

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