Featured Image for Illustrator uses only pen and ink to make the most stunning album covers

Illustrator uses only pen and ink to make the most stunning album covers

Bangalore-based illustrator Anoop Bhat has found a niche in creating album artwork for bands he’s inspired by.

He works in pen and ink, often limiting his use of colours. His compositions are full of detail and movement – and according to him, it’s very important that he enjoys listening to the bands who he creates artwork for.

In an interview with Desicreative, he recalled how he started illustrating for his favourite bands:

“If I had to pin-point a particular instance, it would be when I started listening to the kind of music that I listen to – heavily distorted, guitar-based music. It introduced me to a whole bunch of stuff – art, literature, history and of course, more experimental music.

“That’s what set off my interest in the relationship between art and music, their inter-dependence and the sub-cultures they’ve spawned together. I just wanted to be a part of it somehow and contribute to it in whatever little way that I could.

“I was pretty terrible with playing any instrument (still am) but I was decent at drawing things – so I said that’s it. That’s how it began really and it is why I’m still at it – to actively contribute to this sub-culture that I identify with.”

In the day, Anoop works as an architect. He balances his time between art and his work life – impressively keeping up with both fields. He has exhibited widely in India and the UK.

You can find out more about Anoop and his work by heading over here.

It all started with a chat about Rohan Harrison's work for Extortion and our absolute admiration for it. Thanks to that poster I shared earlier that day. We were on the same page from the get-go. It was great. Ideas just kept flowing and we were quick to close in on the concept that ended up as this little piece of art that we now call 'Gadhimai'. . . I remember instantly writing to Rohan and telling him all about it. He was really happy. Here's what he had to say: . . "Hi Anoop! This is cool! Based on the rats design yes? Gonna have a browse through the rest of your blog, looks like great stuff!" . . It just meant so much for both of us. I'm hoping to write back to him one of these days. Y'all should check his blog, I can't find it at the moment. I used to be a frequent visitor till he stopped updating it, turns out he forgot the password. lol . . Fast forward to this day and we've seem to have come a long way. The artwork travelled all the way England for a series of shows at Hereford. It got featured in the last ever physical edition of the Kyoorius magazine. It was worn by the dude hugging Matt Pike. Haha, it just makes me really happy. . . Jugaa did a short run of this design earlier this year in Nepal when Ranav (their vocalist) was in Kathmandu for a bit. They did a few shows and sold some tees. Vishal expected to do a quick run of a few t-shirts for a handful of people here in India but his printer backed out and things just didn't seem to work out for the longest time. . . We finally decided to put this up on MakeMyMerch, for obvious reasons. None of us had the money to put this into production. Today is the last day of the campaign and trust me, we really didn't think we were going to reach our goal. . . Thanks to all the 23 of you who bought a t-shirt and helped make this campaign successful. I'm sharing with you the scan of the original artwork, without any digital retouching. . . #punkhardcore #punk #hardcore #nepal #india #art #illustration #penandink #blackandwhite #scan #original #pigs #drawing #instadraw #instaart #instaartist #sketch #linework #penart #inkart #anoopkbhat #inkreview #blackworkers #beautiful #instalike #artoftheday #micron

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