Russian military scientists reveal badass Stormtrooper combat suit to the world

Sometimes it’s a little hard to take Russia seriously. It’s definitely tricky to take them seriously when they’re dressing their military in Stormtrooper outfits.

Scientists from the Russian military have gone ahead and brought Star Wars into the real world. They’ve put forward their vision for future warfare and it literally looks like the Imperial Shadow Stormtrooper get-up from the much-loved classic Star Wars.

It’s not like we’re complaining, we just thought we would bring your attention to the fact that we could be facing war against Stormtroopers at some point. Could we even take it seriously? Where are the lightsabers? Where the heck is Vader?

The prototype combat suit has only just been revealed by Moscow’s Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building and it’s pretty cool.

The combat suit (regardless of its sci-fi similarities) is actually incredibly impressive. The suit boasts a whole heap of safety features including flame resistance, a helmet with a breathing filtration unit, and even a portable computer with bonus battery pack. The suit is attached to an exoskeleton made from titanium to ensure the weight of the suit is evenly distributed and the soldier won’t tire as easily.

We’re starting to think the Russians have thought of everything.

The suits are part an attempt to update and revitalise the Russian military. Reports say they should be ready in the next few years if all goes to plan. The military is also planning new, more high-tech models of battlecruiser and aircraft carriers.

The moral of the story is: keep an eye on Russia.