This artist shaved her head, then stitched her weave onto pillowcases

Every now and then, we come across an artist who quite literally puts their body on the line for their work.

Diana Chire had unfinished business to take care of. Back in 2016, she invited friends to witness the shaving of her head – an act that unshackled her from the weaves she’d been wearing for years.

“She kept the hair, and for a while was unsure what to do with it, until she found the right resting place, embroidering the weave onto pillowcases, spelling out sentences from her studio diary of the 30 days leading up to shaving her head, in which she reflected on how her hair had come to inform, and also keep her detached from, her sense of self,” wrote Clementine de Pressigny.

The pillowcase in the photo below reads: “Others would make comments about it being too big and loud. I wanted to be smaller and easier to digest. It’s deeply bruising to fight against your identity.”

“You’re taught growing up as a black girl that having European hair is attractive and that your hair isn’t okay, so you get it straightened. I think that’s crap,” Diana told W Magazine. “The moment I shaved off my hair, I let go of all the parts of me I had rejected in my natural state.”

The British artist is famous for using her body as the medium for her art (see NSFW example below):

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