Featured Image for Everyone is in love with this man’s dream-like giant bouquets

Everyone is in love with this man’s dream-like giant bouquets

We’ve just discovered the snazziest florist on Instagram. His floral creations are blowing up the internet, and hey, we can see why!

Meet Julio Freitas, the talented floral designer behind the Instagram account The Flower Hat. If you scroll through his feed, you’ll quickly understand why the florist has been receiving so much coverage.

Aside from the fact that the 32-year-old from Montana is gorgeous himself, his flowers are a testament to his artistic skill and are absolutely stunning and deserving of the limelight.

“What I like to do is find inspiration anywhere but on Pinterest,” he said.

Instead of being your average florist and posting flat-lays of flowers, Freitas makes himself a character in the photographs. His marketing work simply involves smiling for the camera with his giant bouquets and his signature floral hat.

The following post threw Freitas into the eye of the fame storm. The bundle of pale pink ranunculus gained the Instagram profile 7,000 followers and 10,000 likes.

The account now has 31,000 followers and is continuing to grow, especially as the profile becomes more creative and stands out from the Insta crowd.

We totally think The Flower Hat is on the right track here…

THE FLOWER HAT SHOP IS NOW OPEN!! Click link in bio and get yourself protected from the summer sun!! #flowerhatoriginal

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