Gal Gadot became BFFs with this young Wonder Woman and I’m not crying you’re crying

The Wonder Woman franchise continues to deliver.

The blockbuster hit of 2017 was one of the most surprising and heart-warming stories to come out of Hollywood, and a huge step forward for women in cinema.

But perhaps its greatest achievement has been the inspiration it has given to young girls around the world.

Our hearts melted when we reported on how little tikes were dressing up as their heroine to see the film.

And we’ve gotten all misty-eyed again after the film’s lead woman Gal Gadot had an amazing encounter with an overwhelmed younger fan at Comic Con:

It’s a bit tricky to make out the audio, but the conversation’s being reported as Gadot telling her:

“Now we are friends so there’s no reason to cry anymore.

We are together!”

Then Ezra Miller (aka The Flash) chimes in with,

“You’re a warrior. I think the ability to let yourself cry is what makes you such a warrior.

Come join the Justice League whenever you get ready.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself: