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Artist couple takes the quirkiest photos with architecture as props

The couple that plays together, stays together. Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda are just like any other couple—they have their good days and bad days, they argue, celebrate anniversaries, and go through typical couple stuff. They also travel the world and produce eye-catching photographs, so they’re at least that much more awesome.

The shots they’ve become famous for take advantage of architectural finds such as staircases and brick walls. They go the extra mile and dress up (sometimes even with props), and just get plain wacky with the background. The results speak for themselves.

Take a look:

“Thanks to their clever poses, building façades become theatrical backdrops, spiral staircases turn into playgrounds, and windows are transformed into versatile props,” writes Kelly Richman-Abdou.

“Given the aesthetically cohesive and visually fascinating nature of their photos, it is no surprise that the couple’s artistic talents transcend playful posing and photography. Devis is an illustrator and designer, while Rueda is a trained architect.”

What a cute and brilliant couple! We certainly look forward to seeing more of their exploits.

For more photos of Anna and Daniel, click the link below.

Via My Modern Met

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