Featured Image for Anshuman Ghosh makes incredible art using only a phone and some paper

Anshuman Ghosh makes incredible art using only a phone and some paper

How can you create original art with nothing but your phone and some paper? Artist Anshuman Ghosh has the answer, and it’s pretty damn impressive.

Based out of Johannesburg, Anshuman Ghosh set himself the goal of creating art using only two very simple ingredients: just his phone, some paper, and nothing else. That’s all.

Now he’s been sharing the results in a series of posts on his instagram account, and they look amazing.

Here’s Ghosh’s take on a trash bin, using only an image on his phone screen, augmented by a simple paper apple core:

For something a little more advanced, check out how Ghosh deals with an object overlapping the boundary of the screen. In this case, the screen shows us the interior of a toaster, with half of the bread appearing as an image on the screen — and the external half created out of paper, along with the wire and plug:

And if you’ve ever wanted to eat something you saw in an image on your phone, Ghosh has you covered:

There’s definitely a food theme to a lot of these pieces. This ones gives us some roasting chicken and kebabs. Ghosh brings it to life using only a few small pieces of paper to represent the skewers:

Getting a little more creative, here’s one where Ghosh manages to fuse two favourite nerd pastimes, Tetris and the Rubik’s Cube:

It seems like he’s able to think up of endless variations — check out his takes on a paper shredder and a soap dispenser:

You may wonder: why didn’t I think of that? Well, you didn’t. But that’s okay; there’s no reason you can’t make your own versions, inspired by Ghosh. And in case you’re wondering whether Ghosh is getting anything in return for his free art, don’t worry — he has some sponsorships as well, like this piece he did for Ballantine’s:

As for his motivation, according to Ghosh: β€œI wanted to create something that was a fusion between what was real and what was not … Placing the phone in the picture gives me the freedom to trick my audience into believing the phone is more than something that it is.”

Check out some more of Anshuman Ghosh’s incredible work below:


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