Featured Image for Chris Christie has a meltdown on air, yells at a caller for being a ‘communist’ and a ‘bum’

Chris Christie has a meltdown on air, yells at a caller for being a ‘communist’ and a ‘bum’

It hasn’t been a good few months in Chris Christie’s world. The former presidential candidate, and (it must be noted) Trump lackey, has seen his approval ratings in his beloved New Jersey plummet to an all-time low. In fact, he’s pretty much the most unpopular governor in America. Huh, way to go Chris.

So it was hardly surprising to see his ‘I don’t give a damn anymore’ attitude on FULL (and we mean, FULL) display the weekend before last as he lounged about with his family on a local beach while the rest of the State were barred from any sandy respite from the summer heat. Yup, beaches closed … no problem. Christie has his own private one.

It was a typical Christie moment, and this deliberate act of provocation inflamed an already tempestuous relationship between the residents of the State and their leader.

And so it was that Christie came to be on a local radio show today, talking sports but also taking a few questions from the audience.

And one of them really (REALLY!), really (REALLY!) got to him. Perhaps it was because he was called ‘fat-ass’ or perhaps Christie was just having a bad day. Oh well.

His response? Hardly befitting of a man of his (ample) stature. But sadly, not entirely unexpected. Just watch that approval rating fall even further.

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