Featured Image for This bikini made of real pizzas can be yours for $10,000

This bikini made of real pizzas can be yours for $10,000

Pizza boxes are so passé. I mean, why carry your food in a bulky box when you can just wear it to places?

In celebration of National Bikini Day on July 5th, restaurant chain Villa Italian Kitchen has come up with a bikini that’s made up of real pizza slices. It can be yours for the low, low price of AUS$13,000 (US$10,000).

Called the ‘Pizza-kini’, it’s made from “homemade, hand-braided dough, 100 percent whole milk mozzarella cheese, [and] sauce made from fresh California tomatoes and delicious pepperoni.”

If you want one (get ‘em while they’re hot!), a stylist will cook up a made-to-measure suit and will even put on the toppings you like (pineapple!).

To put it in perspective, the national average price for a pizza in the US is about $13. So a ‘Pizza-kini’ will fetch you some 769 pies.

Pizza-kini or 769 pizzas? Hmm decisions, decisions.

Via Design Taxi

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