Featured Image for Armpits are suddenly the cutest (and most ticklish) spot to have a tattoo

Armpits are suddenly the cutest (and most ticklish) spot to have a tattoo

Apparently, getting a tattoo isn’t only painful. It’s also tickly!

On Instagram, people are posting photos of tattoos they have in the most unexpected body part: their armpits.

Some of the designs we’ve seen include patterns, cartoon characters, and the most popular one, flowers. Some are part of a bigger tat, much like ones done on traditional full-arm tattoos, while the newer ones feature standalone designs found right in the middle of the pit.

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To be honest, they look pretty amazing. We just can’t wrap our head around the concept. Like, how do you get one done if you’re ticklish? How would the pit’s sensitive and delicate skin react to the pain? And what about hair?

Most importantly: would your deodorant get jealous, now that it has to share your underarm??

Right I the sweet spot on Alaina by @disintegrationxvx she's still got a few spots left this week peeps! 🌻

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Raise your hands if you want to get an armpit tattoo!

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