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Man makes brilliant and funny signs to lure ants into his poison traps

“What is this? A strip club for ants?’ Well, by the looks of it, yes it is.

Patrick Tobin from Brooklyn recently had some persistent ants loitering around in his apartment. After setting out poison traps for a couple of weeks, he noticed that the insects weren’t really interested in them.

“They seem to just walk around them,” he told BuzzFeed News.

His solution? He put out some creative and hilarious signs. One was about a miniature strip club – for all those hardworking ants who just want some entertainment after a long day.

An ant strip club

Another was a tiny Blockbuster store.

A video store for ants

This one righteously made a reference to Zoolander.

An ant school

And because this is Brooklyn, he also put up an organic market too.

An ant organic market

The internet, of course, was impressed with the man’s creativity.

But did the signages work? In a follow-up tweet, Tobin said that the strip club had at least one horny ant passed by to take a look.

Via BuzzFeed News

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