Featured Image for Someone created a set of origami kitchenware and we’ve never seen anything like it

Someone created a set of origami kitchenware and we’ve never seen anything like it

A practical must-have or just another cool new trend? We came across this Kickstarter campaign for a packable set of kitchen utensils, and we’re not quite sure what to think of it. The description reads as “A stylish origami-inspired kitchen set to replace your bulky utensils or to take with you on your next adventure.”

It’s basically a set of spoons, a turner, a colander, and a funnel, but they pack into a box pretty much the size of a pencil case.

Ori-Kit is the brainchild of Anas Elshafey, an Egypt-born designer and origami expert. He created the product with the help of Amr Aboelnasr with the objective of solving a problem familiar to all of us: kitchen clutter.

The campaign has been well-received, and has surpassed its target fund of $50,000 USD. Take a look:

We gotta admit, it looks a bit odd cooking with origami utensils.

Appearance aside, we think the product struggles with an identity crisis. Is it helping declutter a home kitchen or is it a lightweight travel companion? It seems to be reaching in the case of the former, and may have stiff competition in the latter, with a set going for nearly $60 apiece (hikers who pack light have been known to favour chopsticks).

It comes in three colours: pink, orange, and green.

If there’s anything we love about this product, it’s simply the size. We can all agree that it’s not easy to put away bulky pots and whatnot.

Well, surprise, surprise. The Japanese market is more than ready for it.

It’ll be interesting to see if the product pans out (get it?) and expands to other items in the kitchen.

What do you think? Would you get yourself an Ori-Kit?

For more images, full product specifications and a discounted rate, click the link below. Shipping is targeted to begin September 2017.

Via Kickstarter

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