Featured Image for Uber board member caught on camera making gross, sexist comment towards Arianna Huffington

Uber board member caught on camera making gross, sexist comment towards Arianna Huffington

Somehow Yahoo managed to obtain leaked audio from an Uber all-hands meeting. As the footage reached the public, people were appalled.

The footage revealed Uber board member, David Bonderman, making an extremely sexist remark toward fellow female board member Arianna Huffington:

Although Bonderman was quick to apologise, as you can read below, Uber will remain on thin ice.

Before Bonderman’s idiotic remark, there were already a plethora of complaints regarding the company’s inappropriate workplace behaviour building up, such as sexual harassment and assault cases, altercations within the company and unfortunate HR reports encompassing a variety of these issues.

Not to mention the not so subtle “review and reallocation” of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. Supposedly, he has chosen to take a leave of absence to grieve his mother, however, he himself has had his fair share of complaints filed against his inappropriate work behaviour.

I think we can all agree that we love the affordability and convenience of Uber, but with the current company controversy coming to fruition, we would rather be an Uber passenger than an employee.

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