Featured Image for These alternate versions of Wonder Woman have us scratching our heads

These alternate versions of Wonder Woman have us scratching our heads

When will having one Woman ever be enough? As the Gal Gadot-starred Wonder Woman continues to break records and draw buckets of praise, fans across the world are taking the fight to their sketch pads.

With every blockbuster superhero flick released, one way to measure its success is the lingering fan reaction. More than just raving about it, for ordinary people to begin creating art inspired by it becomes the ultimate compliment.

But did you know that there are already a bunch of weird versions of Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman in high school? Check.

Wonder Woman in the Wild West? Check.

Wonder Wabbit? Check!

These have all been done before. But luckily, thanks to the recent DC film and the endless creativity of human beings, more and more new Wonder Woman-inspired art are in the works.

Check out some of these illustrations we found floating around online:

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And then of course, you’ve got this guy:

Now, a sketch is one thing, but to go as far as having a bit of a backstory and even some supporting dialogue is taking it to an entirely new level. Your move, DC fans.

Be sure to click the link below for ScreenRant’s full list.

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